The Karnataka Trade Unions Regulations, 1938:
 F O R M – ‘A’ [See Rule 3] I

Application for Registration of Trade Unions

Dated the           Day of      
Apply for the Registration of a Trade union under the Name Address of the Head Office of the Union
Labour ALC Division :*   ALC District/Sub Division :*  
ALC Jursidiction Taluk:*  
Mobile Number :*     Email ID*    
Existence Day of the Union Union of Employers/Workers engaged in the Industry (or profession)

Documents Required to be submitted at the time of online Registration
(The Applicant shall scan his/her latest documents with max. size 250kb for each document in .pdf format and upload the same while submitting the Online application for registration. The applicants shall not upload any other documents (except the below specified documents) at the stage of submitting the online application).

1.A copy of the Rules of the Union duly superscribed as required by Section 4 of the Trade unions Act, 1926 (By - law) *(Upload below 2MB)  
2.The particulars given in Schedule II show the provisions made in the Rules for the matters detailed in Section 6 of the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926 *  
3.(To be struck out in the case of unions which have not been in existence for one year before the date of application). The particulars required by Section 5(2) of the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926, are given in Schedule III*  
4.Minutes of the Meeting of First General Body with signatures and address of the workers*  
5.Attendance Register of the General Body Meeting *  
6.Authentic identity Cards of Office Bearers / Executive Committee Members such as EPIC, Driving Licence, etc*  
7.Union membership as well as fee details (Member-wise collection details) *  
8.Address Proof of Registered Office with valid documents like Ownership Deed / Rent Agreement / Lease Deed*  
I hereby declare that the particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. :*
(Please upload the Signature file in JPEG format and less than 50KB)
Online Registration Fee (In Rupees):*
Signature of the Applicant:*

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